10 Top Tips to Detox Your Meeting

It’s January and we’re all keen to detox after the indulgences of Christmas. But why not also apply this to your meetings in the New Year so your delegates can reap the benefits too?

Warm Up – Why not try beginning your meeting with a yoga, Pilates or mindfulness session? This will help to focus your delegate’s minds and can help improve alertness and concentration for the day ahead.

Nourish – Ditch the caffeine and drink plenty of water, fresh juices and smoothies throughout your meeting to stay hydrated, alert and elevate your mood.

Declutter – Consider turning off all mobile devices and disconnecting from technology. This will ensure delegates are 100% focused on the task at hand and encourage them to reconnect with their colleagues and surroundings.

Keep it Short – Why do so many meetings and events overrun? Keep the agenda simple and discuss topics in short sharp bursts with time limits set for focused discussion.

Break it up - By taking plenty of structured breaks throughout the day, delegates will remain refreshed and focused for each session.

Breathe it in – Schedule some time to get outdoors. Take a walk to centre your thoughts and re-energise. Perhaps provide your delegates with pedometers and see who takes the highest amount of steps over the course of the day with a prize for the winner?

Eat Smart – Carefully consider your lunch menu for delegates. Stay away from carb-heavy, large meals and think more about using fresh ingredients, which will help to energise your delegates for the day ahead and avoid those post-lunch food slumps. Consider a standing buffet or an outdoor picnic to encourage delegates to keep active during their lunch break.

Get Moving – For the more energetic, plan some activities into your meeting agenda. Ensure the activities align with your meeting objectives. If you want your team to communicate better, look at a more structured team building activity. If you want your team to be more creative, look at an activity which requires some flair and imagination.

Stay Positive – Avoid negativity by instilling positive thoughts throughout the day. Encourage all delegates to think about the 3 Ws – What Went Well Today? This will encourage delegates to reflect on their day positively.

Indulge – It’s the end of the day and you’ve achieved your meeting goals so why not treat your delegates to some well-deserved relaxation time in the spa? It’s a chance to unwind, reflect and get to know your colleagues better – what better way to end your day?

With these ten top tips in mind, why not book your next meeting or event at Center Parcs? With ample outdoor space and a range of activities to include as part of your event, it’s the best way to kick start your New Year.

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