Spanish Gold

Pirate gold lies hidden in the Spanish Main! Locate and recover it - and it's yours!

You are searching for The Black Swan, sunk in 1694, packed with gold and priceless jewels.

In this group activity you have a $2million search fund, an ancient chart, a few clues (and the very latest technology!) but you’re not alone. Others are searching too! Can you, in the required time, gather all the information, locate the exact position of the wreck, overcome all obstacles along the way and plan a fool-proof recovery operation? Quite a challenge. It's a relief to get back to the office!

The Brief actually spells out to teams that between them they have all the necessary information, the question is, will they take proper note and SHARE? In practice, preoccupation with one's own team, rivalry, pride and greed tends to drown any cooperative endeavour - and in many cases plans founder and sink like the vessel itself!

The bigger picture of course is that teams need to work together so that the group works as a WHOLE and SHARES the treasure! A great message and a valuable conference exercise.

Key Skills: Good communication, time keeping and planning skills. A head for mental challenges and the ability to work under pressure.
Minimum Numbers: 6
Duration: Minimum 1.5 hours, maximum 2.5 hours.

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  • Breakfast rolls on arrival
  • Half day meeting room hire
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • Choice of one team building activity from the following options; Aqua Tree Trek, Ballista, Den Building, Giant Board Games, I’m a High Flyer, International Pipeline, Mission International, Rollaball, Spanish Gold or Sweet Enterprise
  • Complimentary car parking, Wi-Fi and access to Subtropical Swimming Paradise

*Please note at Woburn Forest Motivate package rates are from £110 per person (exc.VAT)

Day Delegate Rate

Day Delegate Rate