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Event in The Venue
Bring your event theme to life

How to theme a blank canvas venue

When planning an event, a blank canvas venue holds endless opportunities to make your mark on the space and bring your event theme to life. This might seem a daunting prospect… where to begin? How to strike the balance between transformative and over-decorated? Which theming will complement the space itself?

At Center Parcs, two of our forest locations in the UK are home to The Venue; a multi-purpose events venue boasting a variety of blank canvas spaces. We spoke to Jacob Scroby, Account Manager at event theming experts Eventologists, who shared his insights into making maximum impact without going overboard…

Get inspired

If you’re stuck for ideas, utilising one of the venue’s other notable traits can help with theming ideas. With Center Parcs, we obviously have acres of beautiful woodland to draw on, meaning it works really well to keep the theme of nature going with plenty of foliage and natural colours. Alternatively, using a venue’s catering options or wider location as inspiration can really help to build a story for your event.

Get creative

The smallest of details can make all the difference to what is otherwise a blank canvas setting. This could be as subtle as a creative table centre, or as overt as themed uniforms for the waiting staff. Getting creative with dining setups is also a high-impact, low cost method. Long tables of up to 40-50 people creates a different look and feel to the area than multiple round table setups, or even playful picnic benches if the theme allows.

Let there be light

Carefully placed lighting can make all the difference to your event space. Up-lighting pillars and blank walls adds pops of colour to the space, while lighting areas of interest can take the eye straight to them while avoiding darker, less engaging areas. Projections or dappled lighting on the walls can also bring movement to the space, with natural colours giving the feeling of expansion while warmer colours can create a cosier, more intimate feel.

Divide and conquer

If a big open space feels daunting to dress at the risk of guests feeling too spread out, the key is in creating an event journey to break it up. Strategically placed props or positioned furniture can create a subconscious walkway, while translucent screens can divide a space while hinting at what’s behind.

Build the buzz

Make the most of the event build-up to establish a theme, such as invitations designed as a teaser. The entrance itself can also be used with entertainment placed outside to spark intrigue or a photo-opportunity in the form of a glitter carpet, decorative archway or tunnel.

Events with a difference

Choosing Center Parcs means you’ll not only benefit from our flexible spaces, but also the experience of our dedicated event management teams at each village.

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