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Three pancake stacks at Pancake House.

Tips for a great Pancake Day


Pancake world record

Did you know we hold the Guinness World Record for the largest stack of pancakes? We spoke with James Haywood, our Food & Beverage Innovation Manager, about his experience breaking the world record. He also revealed his top tips on how to make the perfect pancake!

Center Parcs Sherwood Forest are world record holders for the tallest pancake stack, measuring a total of 101.8cm (3ft 4in) (Guinness Book of Records). We spoke to James Haywood, the Food & Beverage Innovation Manager across our villages, who created the record-breaking pancake stack along with his colleagues.

We asked James the all-important questions and tried to get insider secrets, such as what his technique was…

“I’m not telling you the secret of the pancakes… (and there is one) but after numerous failures I studied the structures of some of the world’s tallest buildings and looked at their design and the fundamental forces on a building – Tension, Torsion and Bending.”

How long did it take?

“Weeks and weeks of failed attempts, different recipes and lots and lots of eggs and flour!”

How do you feel to hold the world record?

“It’s pretty cool walking into a bookshop anywhere in the world and seeing yourself in the Guinness Book of Records.”

What happened to the pancakes after?

“The whole stack had to be eaten, as with every food world record, otherwise it doesn’t count. So, our guests in the restaurant loved it - they got to see a World Record then eat it!”

Get your pancake fix on village

Craving some pancakes while you're at one of our villages? Don’t worry, you’re in exactly the right place to get your pancake fix – pancakes are a long-time speciality of ours and you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. However you like your pancakes, The Pancake House caters for all with a selection of sweet and savoury, vegan and gluten free pancakes.

From classic lemon and sugar to a crowd-pleasing chocolate, check out our tips below to create the perfect pancake.

The perfect pancake

Want to create our signature pancakes at home and have a flippin’ great Pancake Day? Here is an insider tip from the World Record Holder James Haywood on the perfect recipe and how to nail the essential flip!

“Recipe: Equal amounts by volume of eggs, flour and milk, with a good pinch of salt and sugar. Make sure you use a good quality non-stick pan, and the oil must be hot before adding the batter. Make sure the pancake is loose before trying to toss, and use a forward motion while lifting the pan to toss.”

Check out our other recipe to create the fluffiest pancakes ever!

Once you have flipped your pancake and cooked the other side, it’s time to add your toppings and dig in!