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Hitachi guests on Aqua Tree Trekking activity
Hitachi case study

Hitachi Capital (UK) choose Elveden Forest for OneHCUK

Why did you choose Center Parcs Elveden Forest?

We chose Center Parcs for our conference due to the range of activities on site, both indoors and outdoors, with specialists to hand; the great accommodation offering and conference facilities.

What were your core goals and objectives?

The event was for the finance staff throughout the UK. The goal was to improve communications across the teams, which are based at four main sites, and to demonstrate through our behaviours at the conference the Hitachi values of harmony, sincerity and pioneering spirit. We also wanted to ‘share and develop the vision for our finance team’ – we are moving our central functions to a PSF (Professional Services Firm) approach, basically work worth paying for, rather than looking at it as a head office. So, getting staff to interact in a variety of situations was really important.

Which team building activities did you choose and how did these go?

Aqua Tree Trekking was chosen as the ‘all-attendee’ activity as it is challenging (pioneering spirit) for many and requires team work for the best outcome (harmony). This enabled many team members to overcome personal fears and enabled opportunities to support our colleagues, while also being a lot of fun. We also ran an indoor team challenge, which also gave some individuals the chance to shine who perhaps were less comfortable on the outdoor activities. 

Additionally, we had a second team building session with some staff choosing Laser Combat and some Aerial Adventure. We also gave staff a free choice of an additional activity on day one as a thank you and this was really appreciated by staff.

Any consideration given to corporate social responsibility issues, such as recycling, car-sharing or carbon off-setting?

Nearly all attendees were car sharing with 3 or 4 people in a car. Those that were not sharing were travelling from/to different locations or at different times. Cars gave us more flexibility to drop off on the way home etc., making the journeys considerably less onerous.

What feedback did you receive from the guests?

Comments received were positive or extremely positive across everything – facilities, content, activities, food and accommodation.

Client comment: Center Parcs Elveden Forest was a fantastic venue with great activities on offer. The good weather and supportive and enthusiastic staff ensured this was our best ever conference.

A truly unique conference setting

Nestled in a 400-acre forest setting, you’ll find dedicated conference space, The Venue, located at each village.

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