Website help

Finding or viewing Information on the site

Center Parcs has worked hard to produce a site with simple, intuitive navigation so we hope you are able to find the information you are looking for with ease.

To find a general topic or to see an overview of all the areas within out site we recommend browsing the Site Map. A link to the map can be found in menu at the foot of each page.

For recommended screen resolutions and browsers for viewing the site please see below.

Screen resolution

Your screen resolution determines the number of pixels that are viewable on your computer screen and determines in some instances the amount of content displayed.

For maximum viewing we recommend a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels but the site can also be viewed at 800 x 600.

To check your screen resolution in Microsoft® Windows, move to a blank area of your desktop's background and right click your mouse. Select "Properties" and then the "Settings" tab.

Recommended browser

The site has been built and tested in todays leading browsers but we recommend you use the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer (currently 6.0) to utilise all functions of The latest versions of Explorer can be found at

Macromedia® flash content

To display some interactive and moving graphics on our site you should install Macromedia® Flash player 6 or higher (already included on most browsers).

Video clips

From time to time we include video clips on our site, for example our recent television commercials. To view these files you must install a high-quality media player such as Apple® QuickTime 5.0 or Windows® Media Player.

PDF documents

You will have to have downloaded Adobe's Acrobat Reader, a free plug-in that allows you to view PDF files. If you do not already have this it can be downloaded at: Please refer to the instructions on Adobe's website for more information about the program.