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The conference room in The Venue set up with trees and fairy lights to match YuLife's theme.
YuLife case study

“An opportunity to connect with nature and one another” - YuLife

Wellbeing and insurance provider YuLife chose Center Parcs Woburn Forest to host their annual conference thanks to its stunning outdoor environment, focus on wellbeing and alignment with their company values.


A picturesque setting

The beautiful forest environment and wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities at Center Parcs made it ideal for YuLife’s Festival of Yu. The lush greenery and woodland surroundings provided a serene backdrop for activities that emphasised connection with nature, mindfulness and holistic wellness. As well as being able to explore and enjoy the outdoor environment, participants also had access to comfortable indoor spaces throughout the event.


A feeling of wellbeing

The Festival of Yu aims to celebrate and promote wellbeing in all its forms. Center Parcs Woburn Forest was an ideal choice thanks to its range of activities and amenities that cater to various aspects of wellbeing. This includes sports facilities, spa treatments and beautiful walks in the forest. Attendees also enjoyed a number of nature and wellbeing experiences such as forest bathing, qi gong, breath work, sound baths and wellbeing talks in the heart of the forest - all of which helped YuLife to nurture the physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing of their employees


Aligned with YuLife’s ethos

The YuLife app introduces four distinct worlds to engage users in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle: desert, forest, ocean, and mountain, each representing different challenges and activities that users can explore. Center Parcs Woburn Forest's natural surroundings provided an immersive forest experience that integrated seamlessly with YuLife’s app and their holistic approach to wellbeing.


“A resounding success.”

The event was highly praised by attendees, as it fostered a sense of community, encouraged employee engagement and promoted YuLife’s vision and values. It inspired the team to connect with nature, engage in wellness activities and strengthen their relationships with one another, and it was described as a “resounding success” by Lauren Berkemeyer, YuLife’s Chief Marketing Officer. We look forward to welcoming YuLife back to the forest soon!

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