Jeep’s 75th Anniversary Post Course Review

Case study

Client testimonial:
Terry Good, Lead Trainer Chrysler Jeep - UK & Ireland - FGA Uneversity, said: “Center Parcs understood our needs perfectly, from all the communications leading up to the event to the quality of the food and drink, and the reception we received on the day. Emma and Jane in particular; both these team leaders and the staff they manage should be recognised as true ambassadors for Center Parcs - they are a credit to the company”.

Why did you choose Center Parcs Woburn Forest?
Center Parcs Woburn Forest was chosen for its central location as delegates were travelling from across the county (as far north as Scotland and as far south as Devon), the quality of the venue as a whole, service levels and the fact that the key demands from the event were combining the conference element with a venue which cars can be displayed in, and accommodation on site with nearby activities. Center Parcs were able to service these requirements easily.

Core goals and objectives
This event was designed to be engaging and interactive, incorporating Jeep Sales and Service Advisors. It provided the Jeep team with the opportunity to re-engage with the customer facing personnel creating a highly motivational event as part of the anniversary.
The event provided the opportunity to reflect on the brand positioning and future aspirations with a look back on Jeep 75 years in the making.

What happened throughout the event?
Held from 6-9 June, this event was to celebrate Jeep’s 75th Anniversary and included attendees from the Jeep Sales & Service Advisors network.
The eight rooms in The Venue at Woburn Forest were used to their full potential, housing eight cars and four sets to demonstrate four eras in Jeep’s history, including the actual Jeep used in the filming of The Dukes of Hazzard. Each room in the venue contained a Jeep, which required skill and organisation to manoeuvre them into position, using appropriate equipment. In addition to plenary sessions and Jeep history lessons, delegates got the chance to drive offsite around Woburn Safari Park and Millbrook
Guests also enjoyed lunch in the venue’s American Diner and a gala dinner.

Please give details of the logistics of running the event
Full day setup on the Sunday was required to give enough time for the cars to be delivered by transporters, to slide the cars into place and set up all the props. This also had to be considered for the de-rig of the event.