Aqua Tree Trekking

A negotiation exercise with a twist, encouraging teamwork, initiative and communication skills.

Adventure Quest

Choose your stations and navigate your way through the forest, completing a series of challenges along the way. Work together and keep an eye on the clock.

Target Archery

A fun and friendly team building activity, with challenges for the whole team. Hit the target, aim for the bullseye and rack up as many points as you can.

International Pipeline

The ultimate test of teamwork, orienteering and problem solving. Work as a team to complete tasks and build a pipeline.

Mission: Possible

Navigate your way through a series of tasks across the village, earning points along the way – you’ll need these for your final challenge.

Stop the Clock

The clock is ticking and every second counts. Work in your teams to tackle a series of challenges.

Indoor Climbing Adventure

Tackle our 6-metre climbing wall in a climbing experience like no other.


Work in teams to build your own catapult in the ultimate test of planning, budgeting and teamwork.

High Ropes Challenge

Fuel your taste for adventure in this combination of exhilarating high-rise challenges.

Back to School

A series of traditional school sports activities, fun for the whole team.

Field Archery

Hone in on your observation and awareness skills. It’s archery, but not as you know it.

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